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Beijing iHOUSE Real Estate Company LTD, specializes in residential leasing,second hand property for sale, commercial leasing, with the know-how to provide the whole package of tenant services from orientation and house selection and analysis to on-going tenancy care.
iHOUSE has years of experience with major multi-national companies; and our team of professionals have a profound understanding of the industry and of client needs, which helps us deliver quality service and achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.
iHOUSE has forged solid relationships and developed a robust network with major developers and individual owners. Moreover, our extensive individual stock listing provides our customers with a plethora of housing options allowing them the most competitive rental rates.

iHOUSE puts our clients first and works hard to remain at the forefront of the real estate market. Our strength in customer service and our extensive individual owner database assures iHOUSE delivers the best result to ensure you an easy move.
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